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My Therapist Group near Mount Eliza are proud to offer our services to all age groups including young, adult and senior clients. Our dedicated team of physiotherapists are passionate about providing a wide variety of specialised programs that are tailored to the individual needs of our clientele. Our diverse range of skills makes sure that the goals of our clients are met. This ensures that the optimal level of health and fitness is able to be achieved for our clients!  

We offer a wide range of evidenced based physiotherapy techniques, including massage and clinical pilates, exercise and stretching, to treat pain, injury or stiffness to the knee, back, shoulder, jaw and neck, as well as headaches and migraines.  


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Why Do I Need Physiotherapy?

If you have problems with mobility, stretching and elongating, or pain in your joints of muscles then you would benefit from seeing a skilled Physiotherapist at My Therapist Group Physiotherapy near Mt Eliza. The main aim of Physiotherapy Mount Eliza is to help encourage and hasten your recovery after surgery or injury. It aims to alleviate pain, stiffness and discomfort and helps to make you more mobile, getting you as close to your base level of fitness and mobility as possible. At My Therapist Group, we use techniques to massage and stretch your muscles, manipulate joints and modify your movements. If necessary we will also give you your own personal exercise program to do at home, to help you recover quickly. 

You may need Mount Eliza Physiotherapy if you have an injury or if you are recovering from a joint or muscle surgery, such as hip or knee replacement. Physiotherapy is also helpful for those suffering from regular migraines or headaches as these may be related to nearby muscles such as your neck or back.

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You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist, because we are independent practicing healthcare professionals. We are also trained to recognise when another health professional, like a doctor, should be involved in your care and can work closely with your doctor and other allied health professionals where necessary. Simply book an appointment online or over the phone. If it’s easier, you can also drop by in person.


Do You Have Chronic Pain?

Have you been suffering from chronic pain for the last two years or more? You may be eligible for an EPC Plan (Enhanced Primary Care Plan), where you will receive 5 free/reduced cost appointments each calendar year. All you need, is a referring GP to make you a GP Management Plan, and have them refer you to us. We will sort out the rest, and ensure that your chronic pain is resolved within several appointments! As the highest rated physio in the local area, we’ve been able to resolve many different pain types for our clients (ranging from back pain, to pelvic pain and more)!

We’ll gladly accept any GP referral, but we do recommend using our EPC Plan partners, Peninsula Family GP in Frankston!


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