Foot Pain

What Is Foot Pain?

Foot pain can manifest as aching, burning or sharp pain, numbness or tingling. The pain may occur in the ball of the foot, the arch, heel or toes. This pain often occurs when you are bearing weight on your foot.  

What Causes Foot Pain?

Common causes of pain to the feet that physiotherapy can help with are heel pain (plantar fasciitis), metatarsal fractures, tendon injuries and dropped arches.

How Can My Therapist Group Treat My Foot Pain?

First of all, we will take a biomechanical assessment of your walking and running to determine the function in your foot, as well as the cause of your foot pain. We will then provide you with an exercise program that will ensure your return to normal function. To come and see us for your individual consultation and action plan, you can easily make an appointment with us online or over the phone.