Hip Pain

What Is Hip Pain?

Hip pain is a common complaint, usually associated with pain to your outer hip, upper thigh or outer buttock region. It can feel like pain inside the hip or groin area and may be accompanied by swelling, heat, tenderness, limping, difficulty sleeping on the affected side and a loss of full range of motion in the hip.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Causes of hip pain include arthritis, lower back problems, an injury to the hip itself, a strained muscle or inflammation.

How Can My Therapist Group Treat My Hip Pain?

At My Therapist Group in Frankston we can assess your hip pain or injury and create a tailored program for your unique needs. This program will involve decreasing or eliminating your hip pain, improving the range of motion of your hip, increase your strength and restoring your normal functional mobility. We can offer you functional exercises, massage therapy and rehabilitation to suit your personal needs.